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Interpolation Method and Frequency Independent Peak Amplitude Measurement of Orthogonal – Periodic Signals

[ Vol. 5 , Issue. 2 ]


Anton Pletersek, Roman Benkovic and Janez Trontelj   Pages 82 - 93 ( 12 )


A flash interpolator circuit inherent amplitude measurement algorithm, AMM, is described. A flash interpolation circuit converts a pair of periodic and orthogonal sine-signals into a stream of periodic – phase shifted sinusoidal signals, the amplitudes of which can be combined to produce useful information about the peak amplitude of the input sinesignals, independently of the signal's frequency. The proposed technique of amplitude measurement is suitable for automatic gain control, AGC, and the systems for automatic signal conditioning, where a flash interpolator is already a part of the integrated motion control system. An interpolation factor of 4 is shown to be sufficient for measuring amplitudes with an accuracy of 5.8 %. The patents regarding signals conditioning and interpolation are reviewed. The interpolator architecture, combined with an amplitude measuring system, has been designed, integrated as a part of the interpolator ASIC, evaluated and analyzed. The SoC ASIC for incremental optical encoders is designed and processed in 0.35 μm CMOS technology.


Interpolation, amplitude measurement, orthogonal signals, flash interpolator, automatic gain control, encoder, opto-sensor, signal conditioning, quadrature signals, multiplier, automatic signal, DC output signal, optical channel, Resistivity, interpolation factor


University of Ljubljana, Faculty for Electrical Engineering, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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