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A Survey on Prevention Techniques for Camcorder Video Piracy in Movie Theaters

[ Vol. 15 , Issue. 2 ]


Rohit Thanki* and Surekha Borra   Pages 207 - 217 ( 11 )


Movies, advertisements, and promotional videos are Intellectual Property (IP) and are often shared on open access medium as part of the business. Fueled by the advancements in technology, piracy has become more rampant and a widely spread crime in many countries. Movie piracy is more dangerous to mega-budget producers who struggle to receive the maximum profit of their films, making them compete with smaller films, results in the cheapest alternatives, jeopardizing the production of more films, artistic pool, shooting sites, camera equipment, special effects, quality and much more. Apart from the big shrinking of the job market for film jobs, sponsorship, unions, and merchandising get affected greatly. Many advanced technologies, apart from watermarking, such as Infrared based techniques, are used to estimate the position of the pirate and reduce piracy. This paper reviews the enabling technologies in the fight against video piracy, focusing mainly on methods for stopping these emerging methods of piracy in theatres.


Audio watermarking, digital video, copy detection, geometric distortion, movie theater, piracy, video watermarking.


C.U. Shah University, Wadhwan City, Gujarat, Department of ECE, K.S. Institute of Technology, Bangalore, Kanakpura Road, Karnataka

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