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Risk Control Study Based on the Digital Recording Technology Industry Investment Projects in “Internet +”

[ Vol. 15 , Issue. 1 ]


Zhou Yan*   Pages 84 - 91 ( 8 )


Background: The reform and innovation of recording technology have resulted in recording becoming an exciting, developing project. Against the background of Internet +, traditional analogue technology has developed into digital recording technology, playing an important role in various fields. Venture capital in digital recording technology projects has also attracted attention from all circles.

Objective: This paper aims to, by sorting out literature on venture capital, analyze the measurement method of project investment risk, and then, after analyzing the risk factors existing in the investment of digital recording technology under the “Internet +”, propose measures to control these risk factors. At the same time, taking CY company as an example, the investment risk prevention strategy of digital recording technology project is applied to the risk investment evaluation practice of CY company.

Methods: This paper reviews and comments the literature on venture capital, and sorts out the evaluation methods of project investment risk. After studying the project investment risk of digital recording technology, this paper finds out the preventive strategies to deal with these risks, and applies them to risk investment evaluation of CY. This paper proposes investment suggestions based on various factors, and makes an overall evaluation of the value of digital recording technology project, which hopefully will act as a reference for venture capital institutions when investing in digital recording technology in the future.

Results: The countermeasures against investment risks in digital recording technology projects are:

1. Identification of countermeasures against investment risks in digital recording technology projects.

2. Encouragement and promotion of joint-stock cooperation and reduction of operational risks.

3. Establishment and improvement of financial risk control.

Conclusion: Digital technology, which is continuously improving, has penetrated recording technology. With mindful awareness of investment risks and careful investment in recording technology projects, digital technology can improve living standards while making the flexibility and form of recording work more artistic and enabling recording technology to reach new heights.


Risk control, digital recording technology, industry investment projects, venture capital, newsboy model, risk values.


Music Department, Anshan Normal University, Anshan

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