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Reduction Strategy for Electrical Loads Based on Demand Priority in Power System

[ Vol. 15 , Issue. 3 ]


Yasser F. Hassan* and Firas M. Tuaimah   Pages 388 - 395 ( 8 )


Background: Most non-developing and under developing countries strive hard to tackle the situation of power crisis and to combat the imbalance between the power generation and load demand, especially in the case of increasing of the population. In this situation, the load shedding scheme has been extremely implemented as a fast solution for unbalance conditions. Thus, load shedding is crucial to investigate supply-demand balancing in order to protect the network from collapsing and to sustain stability as possible; however its implementation is mostly undesirable.

Objective: prioritize the loads according to their importance and apply reduction strategy in the demands while the supplied power to the important loads such as health care and security installation are kept intact without any interruption as possible.

Methods: The conventional methods of load shedding lead to over or under shedding and this may lead to many problems with the network. Under the scheme, these methods disconnect the load or the entire feeder without considering their priorities and may not perform as anticipated. In this work, we propose a logarithmic reduction method to reduce the load according to the priority and day life criticality. The method for shedding the load base on Reduction Matrix and which in turn depend on the priority demands.

Results: The higher priority demands are fed with a reliable power source by the real time monitoring of the network accompanied with power reducing for the lower priority demands.

Conclusion: We test a real data sample provided by the Iraqi national grid control center in Baghdad. Our simulation results prove effectiveness and practicality of the applied method paving the way for possible applications in power systems.


Load shedding, priority of demand, load matrix, importance matrix, reduction matrix, reduction strategy.


Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Baghdad, 10001 Baghdad, Karbala, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Baghdad, 10001 Baghdad, Karbala

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