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Design of Intelligent Embedded Data Acquisition and Storage System for Coal Mill Based on DSP


Hai Shen*   Pages 1 - 6 ( 6 )


Background: In order to better realize the real-time on-line monitoring of the working state of the coal mill and intellectualize the status of the equipment of the coal mill, the intelligent embedded system of the coal mill based on DSP is studied.

Methods: Firstly, the working requirement of coal mill and the task of data acquisition system are briefly introduced, and the requirement of overall embedded system design is put forward. Then, the structure design is carried out from hardware and software, and the embedded system design including digital signal processing, and data acquisition is completed. All patents related to intelligent embedded data acquisition and storage system have been detailed exhaustively.

Results: After that, the function test of the actual coal mill embedded system is carried out, which proves the practicability and reliability of the designed embedded system for coal mill and based on DSP.

Conclusion: The embedded system improves the automation level of coal mill, and is of great significance to the on-line monitoring and research of large-scale machinery and equipment in the future.


Embedded System, DSP, Coal Mill, Data Acquisition, Storage


School of Mathematics and Computer, Tongling University, Tongling, Anhui 244000

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