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Study on an improved-adaptive-weighted mean filtering method for metallographic image processing


Hongtao Tang*  


Background: Because the noise will bring great error to the analysis of metallographic images an adaptive weighted mean filtering method is proposed to overcome the shortcomings of the standard mean filtering method.

Methods: The method is to detect the pulse noise points in the image, and then use the modified mean method to filter out the noise points that are detected. Patents on metallographic image processing have been also discussed for the development of the proposed methodology.

Results: It is shown that that filter window can be filtered in comparison with the conventional 3x3, 5x5 and 7x 7 filt window to reduce the noise detection and reduce the complexity of the weight calculation.

Conclusion: At the same time, it can better protect the details of the image, has better filtering effect than the standard mean filtering, and its processing speed is faster than the median filtering of the large window, which has profound significance for the edge detection and processing of the metallographic image.


Metallographic Image, Adaptive Weighted Mean Filtering, Average Filtering, Median Filtering


Neijiang Vocational & Technical College, Neijiang

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