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A Multi-parameter Joint Warning Mechanism for Physical Condition Monitoring System in Physical Education

[ Vol. 14 , Issue. 1 ]


Zhang Su*   Pages 113 - 119 ( 7 )


Background: In recent years, sudden deaths of primary and secondary school students caused by sports activities have drawn great attention in education and medical circles. It is necessary for schools to monitor the physical condition of the students in order to reasonably set the duration of their physical activity. At present, the physical condition monitoring instruments used in various hospitals are expensive, bulky, and difficult to operate, and the detection process is complicated. Therefore, existing approaches cannot meet the needs of physical education teachers on campus for detecting the physical condition of students.

Methods: This study designs a portable human-physiological-state monitoring and analysis system. Real-time communication between a wearable measurement device and a monitoring device can be ensured by real-time detection of the environment and power control of the transmitted signal.

Results: From a theoretical point of view, the larger the number of segments M, the more significantly the reduction of false alarm probability. The simulation results also show this fact. Compared with the conventional early warning mechanism, the probability of a false alarm for the proposed system is lower, and the greater the number of segments, the faster its reaction speed.

Conclusion: The portable monitoring system of student physical condition for use in physical education of primary and middle school students proposed in this paper ensures real-time monitoring of the members within the system in an open environment, and further proposes an early warning mechanism for combining multiple vital sign parameters. In addition, the proposed system functions faster; the average early warning time required is only one-quarter of that of the conventional system.


Physical condition monitoring system, multi-parameter joint early warning mechanism, early warning probability, warning mechanism, monitoring device, human-physiological-state.


Department of Finance and Economics Physical Education, Anhui University of Finance and Economics, Anhui 233030

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