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Design & Real-Time Implementation of MIDO Converter Based PV Water Pumping System with BES

[ Vol. 14 , Issue. 2 ]


Anuradha Tomar*   Pages 194 - 204 ( 11 )


Background: Despite so many developments, most of the farmers in the rural areas are still dependent on rainwater, rivers or water wells, for irrigation, drinking water etc. The main reason behind such dependency is non-connectivity with the National grid and thus unavailability of electricity. To extract the maximum power from solar photovoltaic (SPV) based system, implementation of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) is mandatory. PV power is intermittent in nature. Variation in the irradiation level due to partial shading or mismatching phenomena leads to the development of modular DC-DC converters.

Methods: A stand-alone Multi-Input Dual-Output (MIDO) DC-DC converter based SPV system, is installed at a farm; surrounded with plants for water pumping with stable flow (not pulsating) along with battery energy storage (BES) for lighting. The proposed work has two main objectives; first to maximize the available PV power under shadowing and mismatching condition in case of series/ parallel connected PV modules and second is to improve the utilization of available PV energy with dual loads connected to it. Implementation of proposed MIDO converter along with BES addresses these objectives. First, MIDO controller ensures the MPPT operation of the SPV system to extract maximum power even under partial shading condition and second, controls the power supplied to the motor-pump system and BES. The proposed system is simulated in MATLAB/ SIMULINK environment. Real-time experimental readings under natural sun irradiance through hardware set-up are also taken under dynamic field conditions to validate the performance.

Results and Conclusion: The inherent advantage of individual MPPT of each PV source in MIDO configuration, under varying shadow patterns due to surrounding plants and trees is added to common DC bus and therefore provides a better impact on PV power extraction as compared to conventional PV based water pumping system. Multi-outputs at different supply voltages is another flag of MIDO system. Both these aspects are implemented and working successfully at 92.75% efficiency.


Battery energy storage, BLDC motor, Multi-input Dual-output DC-DC converter, partial shading, stand-alone PV system, water pumping.


Department of Electrical Engineering, JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida

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